Le Creuset Signature vs Classic – What is the Difference

When it comes to the best Dutch ovens, the ones from Le Creuset never miss a spot on the list. If you’re familiar with the brand, you’ve probably heard of its Classic and Signature lines. In this article, we’re going to provide you with a quick comparison of these two collections and give you our recommendation. Let’s get right into it!

Signature VS Classic Le Creuset

Both of these Dutch oven lines are still available in the market. The Classic is the older collection, while the Signature is a much newer release. The Classic sells at a lower price ( it’s one of the most expensive Dutch ovens in the market), but the difference it has compared to the Signature line affects its overall performance.

These differences are quite subtle. However, some upgrades are important to take note of.

Knob Handles

From afar, you’ll notice that the Signature has thicker handles than the Classic, so it’s easier to hold. But the improvement here lies in the temperature that these can withstand. The Classic Dutch ovens’ handles have a temperature limit of up to 375F. On the other hand, the Signature ovens’ can withstand up to 500F. This factor will allow you to work on a wider range of dishes that require higher temperatures, which you won’t be able to execute on a Classic Dutch oven.

Rim and Logo

In the Dutch oven’s lid, you can see that the rim design on the Signature collection has slight changes but are still noticeable. Le Creuset’s logo is also more detailed than those found in the Classic Dutch ovens, making it stand out better.


The Signature collection has about 45% bigger handles. Unlike the Classic line, where you can only slide in three fingers in the handles, the Signature lets you hold the Dutch oven using four fingers. This way, you’ll find it easier to carry and move around.

Lid Fitment

The lid fitment in the Signature line is more secure because of its tight-fitting. When you close the Dutch oven, you’d feel the solid tightness of the lid. The lid from the Classic range is a bit loose, so you’ll notice it wiggling a bit when closed.


Interior chipping is one of the common problems you’ll encounter in Dutch ovens that aren’t covered by the warranty; fortunately, the Signature collection addresses this issue by having higher quality enamel than the Classic line. This way, the Signature Dutch ovens can withstand thermal shock that leads to interior chipping and discoloration.

The Verdict

Based on the comparison we just showed you, we recommend that you consider getting the Signature Dutch ovens if you’re still deciding. Le Creuset utilized a better approach to upgrade their old version of Dutch ovens, the Classic. The Signature collection may be on the more expensive side, but we think the new Le Creuset is worth its price.

Le Creuset Signature Dutch Oven ½ Quart: Short Review

It’s safe to say that this round Dutch oven is one of Le Creuset’s best releases. It was outstandingly crafted that it stands to set a high standard among the cookware in the industry.

It’s built with home and professional cooks in mind, guaranteeing to deliver you only the best cooking experience using it. It’s easy to move around because of its light cast iron construction and big handles. It comes with better enamel built to protect the cookware from chips and cracks from thermal shock. Best of all, Le Creuset supports this Dutch oven with a lifetime guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get the new Phenolic Knobs from the Signature Collection?

These knobs are the new releases from the Signature line. We bet it’s more comfortable to use because it’s larger and taller than the ones in the Classic collection; also, it provides you with a better grip, even when you’re wearing gloves or mittens. Lastly, these knobs can withstand up to 500F oven heat, surpassing the Classic knob’s resistance that’s only 375F.

These are available for replacement, so you can get this to take your existing Dutch oven to the next level. You can easily do the replacement using one screw. Here are the corresponding knob sizes:

  • Size 47mm

It can fit in 18cm to 22cm round casserole lids and in 23cm and 25cm oval casserole lids.

  • Size 57mm

It can fit in 24cm to 30cm round casserole lids and 27cm and 31cm oval casserole lids.

Can I get a stainless-steel knob replacement?

Yes, these knobs are like the Phenolic ones because they’re also tall and large enough to give you a comfortable and secure grip. The bonus part is that its maximum oven temperature reaches up to 500F.

Should I get the new Le Creuset Signature Dutch oven when I already have the Classic one?

It would be best to keep using the Classic Le Creuset because the ovens under that collection are still impressive. If you’re really getting the Signature oven anyway, then you should. Otherwise, you can just replace the knob handle to extend your cooking to higher temperatures. Keep the Classic range that you got because that would soon become a collector’s item in the future.