Cake Decorating Tools That Will Change Your Baking Experience

I love baking. No. To tell the truth, I absolutely adore baking. I enjoy the whole experience which makes me feel so tranquil and untroubled when I weigh and mix ingredients or decorate a cake. There’s something magical about making a cake: you usually take some common products like eggs, flour and butter, spend some time in the kitchen and, ta dah, you have an amazing dessert.

Some people will say that making a cake at home takes a huge amount of time and makes your kitchen a mess. Moreover, your cake will never look like those they show in TV shows or Instagram photos. I wouldn’t agree, though. You just need to know some tricks and ways to make it easier and more enjoyable.

Ok. First things first. So, you have your cake out of the oven and cooled to room temperature. Now it’s time to level it as most cakes tend to dome up. 

Cake Turntable 

Of course, you can frost and decorate your cake on a plate but this will be much more challenging and time-consuming. Cake turntables rotate in either direction for right or left-handed use. It will change your experience providing you with a range of motion you’ve never dreamt of before. Cake decorating will become easy and efficient, and much more enjoyable too. You will be able to control the speed of smooth rotation or you can lock it into place and focus on decoration details. 

Moreover, the tilting mechanism offers 18 secure plate positions, which definitely makes the whole creative process much more convenient, while the non-slip grip design on the top plate will hold your cake securely in place. The turntable is easy to clean with a soft, damp cloth. 

Cake Leveler

I was doing it relying on my eye and a big knife for years. Not that my cakes weren’t nicely leveled, you know, but they weren’t perfect. Until I got a cake leveler that is. Now perfectly consistent cake layers are guaranteed but what I like even more about using a cake leveler is that it makes it possible to turn a really time-consuming task requiring focus and bags of skill into a task a child can complete in couple of minutes. 

This adjustable cake leveler is made of stainless-steel material and is durable and non-stick. You can use it with any cake as the diameter and height are easy to control. It’s possible to choose how many layers your cake will have, from one to seven, and cut your cake safely and easily. 

Cake Board

Now that you have even layers of cake, it’s time to take a cake board and put it onto a turntable. The cake board will give the support for the whole cake and is very useful if you want to transport your cake from a turntable to a plate or a stand. I prefer using cake boards to decorating cakes straight on the plate or stand for one simple reason – it makes the process less messy. I just use some paper towel to wipe off any buttercream or icing left on the board after decorating. A word of advice here is to use a board that is a bit larger than the cake as it will give some room for a bottom boarder. I like these cake boards because they look elegant and grease-proof. 

Icing Spatula

The icing spatula is a must-have if you want your cake to look perfect, on the one hand, and don’t want to spend lots of time on frosting the cake, on the other. The spatula will smooth the sides and top of the cake, spreading the buttercream or ganache in an immaculate thin layer. 

The best spatula for the task is an angled icing spatula. Sometimes it’s referred to as an offset spatula. It was designed specifically for cake decorating and has an angular dip of the blade, which makes it the perfect icing spatula ever as now you don’t risk touching (and destroying!) the icing with your fingers or the handle.

A Must-Have: A Cake Decorating Kit

Finally, we have our cake baked, sliced, assembled and ready for decorating. While all the previous parts of this cooking adventure are more or less the same with any cake, decorating provides us with endless opportunities for creativity. With this set you’ll be able to decorate your cake with all kinds of flowers and ornaments of your choice.

This amazing kit has everything you need – 32 tools for cake decorating. You won’t need anything else. Stainless steel piping tips, silicone pastry bags, plastic couplers, dough cutters and scrapers, flower nails are all you need for cake decorating. The reusable icing bags are soft and durable. The piping tips will never rust and are dishwasher safe. The kit also has a storage case so that you can keep it neat and tidy when not using.

A Less Intimidating Alternative 

If you are a beginner and still not sure whether you’ll be spending lots of time making cakes in the future, you might not want to invest lots of money in decorating kits and devices. You might just want to see whether you’ll enjoy the whole process or not. This cake decorating tool is perfect for those who don’t feel like using a pastry bag too

This handy tool can hold one and a half cups of frosting and makes it easy to create stars, flowers, rosettes, leaves and other icing designs. It is made of metal and plastic with all part being dishwasher safe, except the plunger assembly which must be hand washed.

Another great thing about it is that the tool can also be used for fillings and piping whipped cream. Moreover, it’s great for the popular nowadays pancake art.

Cake Lifter

Now that you have the cake fully decorated and ready to be served, you want to move it from the cake turntable to the plate or stand. This doesn’t have to be a hard job and with a cake lifter it certainly isn’t. 

With a 10-inch diameter surface, this cake lifter is large enough for most cakes. The natural solid wood handle provides a comfortable and steady grip, while the material it is made from guarantees it won’t bend or rust. 
Moreover, you can use it for multiple tasks, like transferring pizzas and pies from the oven to a plate or sliding a cheesecake off the pan.